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# Adonix Protect - Your Discord Protection Bot 🔒 **Adonix Protect** is the Discord protection bot you've been waiting for. Designed to secure your Discord server against potential threats, Adonix Protect is your digital guardian 24/7. Key Features 🛡️ **Anti-Raid Protection:** Adonix Protect detects and neutralizes raid attempts, ensuring the safety of your server. 🚫 **Ban Management:** With Adonix Protect, you can easily manage bans, ensuring unwanted users stay out. 📋 **Automated Moderation:** Adonix Protect can automatically moderate your server, filtering out spam and inappropriate messages. ⏰ **24/7 Availability:** Adonix Protect is always there for you, protecting your server at any hour of the day or night. Don't leave your Discord server unprotected. Make sure you have Adonix Protect, the Discord protection bot that truly cares about your community's safety. 🔒 **Adonix Protect - Because your Discord server deserves the best protection.**

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